Wealth Management

Capital Investimentos is an independent Wealth Management and Investment Advisory company focused on the analysis and monitoring the best investment products available.

Due to the long experience of its managing partners and a rigorous due diligence process, Capital’s portfolios stand out in quality and performance over the long term.

Capital’s investment policy is dynamic and has a rigorous risk control, promoting consistent returns over the long haul as a consequence of investing in the highest quality fund managers and optimizing risk/return.

The investment process if very focused on the qualitative aspects, such as: managers background, investment process, risk control procedures, financial alignment among others.

Capital advises each investor and family in a unique way. There are no equal portfolios, as there are no two investors/families with the exact same characteristics. Each portfolio
is tailor-made to attend every characteristics of the investor.


We believe that independence and full transparency are fundamental conditions to Wealth management and investment advisory service. Capital does not have its own investment products to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Its only objective is to serve its clients with aligned interests.



Investment Process

  • Step

    Meeting the investor to understand the financial characteristics, risk tolerance and define the portfolio objective.

  • Step

    Confection of a “Diagnostic and Optimizing Report” of the existing portfolio, where we analyze the adherence to the client’s characteristics.

  • Step

    Meeting the investor to present the “Diagnostic and Optimizing Report”, suggest modifications (if applicable) and define new investments.

  • Step

    Investor registration in the new investment’s institutions.

  • Step

    After the investments are made, login/password of the performance report is sent. The investor can keep up with the portfolio performance through a report available in the “Private” area in our website.


Estate Planning

After understanding the client’s characteristics, Capital can help/advise clients with Estate Planning solutions.


Exclusive Structures

One of the aspects of the investment advisory process is to assess the client’s investment structure. Above a certain amount of investment, and attending some characteristics, we may consider structuring an exclusive structure (Fund of Funds, Equity Fund, Hedge Fund, among others).


Capital developed a proprietary report to consolidate all investor’s assets in one place – fundamental for monitoring and managing the client’s global portfolio. Investors have access to the report through a security area in our website.

Legal Advisory

If demanded by client, Capital can introduce Law Firms specialized in Estate Planning, Corporate Finance among other services.


M&A Advisory

Under client’s demand, Capital can introduce M&A services firms, specialized in Corporate Finance and other M&A related services.