Equity Portfolios


Dedicaded team acting exclusively to advise clients with stocks. Our goal is to provide clients with long-term investment opportunities in stocks, focusing on wealth accumulation and growth over time.

To achieve this objective, a complete and tailor-made service is offered by Capital Investimentos’ s specialized team. Our vision is that success in investing activity must begin with a solid investment philosophy, an efficient investment structure and appropriates control and monitoring mechanisms.


Buying shares at the stock market automatically make you a minority shareholder of the respective company. The main role of stock markets is raise funds for companies to invest and grow their operations, while providing a transparent and secure platform for the trading securities. However, the agility and easiness of trading sometimes causes irrational behaviors from investors when buying or selling any stocks have the same criteria of playing cards in a bridge game. Our conviction is that the only way to generate long-term value to shareholders come from investing in companies capable to consistently grow their earnings and revenues over the years and continually work to widen their moats.

Below some details of the main aspects that form the investment philosophy framework practiced by the investment team of Capital Investimentos:      

People and Corporate Governance:
 “People” is the key to a business’s success. Ethical, talented and motivated management, are powerful strengths that generate value to shareholders.

Business Model and Perspectives:
Companies with  profitable business and tested in different  economic situations. Companies with strong  brands and leadership in their respective industries. Favorable medium and long-term prospects.

Margin of Safety
Discipline and patience to invest only when market prices are below intrisic value of the business.

How to invest

Tailor-made service. Investment structures are designed in accordance to each investor profile, circumstances and preferences.

- Investments Funds;
- Stocks Portfolio (broker-dealer account);
- Open-End Fund.

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* Open-End fund are not commercialized by Wealth Management team as a policy of best practices, avoiding any possibility of potential interest conflict.


  • Fernando Barbará, CFA

    Partner-director and head of equities at Capital Investimentos. Graduated in economics, has more than 16 years of experience as investment analyst and portfolio manager. Prior to this position, was partner of Ático Asset Management and equity’s strategist. Has national finance certification (APIMEC – CNPI), portfolio manager certificates at ANBIMA and portfolio management registration at CVM.

  • Natalia Belfort

    Graduated in Industrial Engeneering at Pontifícia Universidade Católica-RJ and with Master in Corporate Finance and Economics at FGV, has 10 years of experience as na investment analysts. Was part of the  team of investment of  Ático Asset Management and responsible for coordinating projects (New Developments) at Lojas Americanas/B2W. Has national finance certification  (APIMEC – CNPI).